I’m Veggie (ish)

I’m terrible at new years resolutions. Every year I set myself an unrealistic goal and usually by mid-February I have forgotten what it was entirely. Usually these resolutions are something like; lose 2 stone, exercise every day, don’t buy any new clothes for a year etc etc with no clear plan as to how I am going to achieve these things.

At just over 12 stone I am the heaviest I have ever been and this year I want to be committed to being healthier. I have no real goal with regards to weight loss so my resolution this year is to eat less processed foods and less meat. I am not cutting out meat for weight loss reasons, but overall evidence suggests that eating less red and processed meats is healthier for you. I am also conscious of the environmental impact that intensive meat production has on the planet, so my journey is partly an environmental one too!

This will not be easy… Meat and cheese call to me like the ocean calls Moana so my hope is that by starting to document my journey through a blog/ Instagram I will be more motivated to cook more vegetarian and vegan foods at home and to stay on track.

Selfishly, it also means that all the recipes I try will be in one place so that I can easily come back to them at a later date to try again.

I hope that you enjoy reading or find an interesting recipe to try along the way.

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